Author Topic: Turbomole 7.0.1 released  (Read 4947 times)


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Turbomole 7.0.1 released
« on: October 02, 2015, 03:17:12 pm »
Dear Turbomole users,

Turbomole version 7.0 had a couple of bugs which we have fixed.

Thanks to all users who reported problems and inconsistencies by sending an email to the support ( - this helps to improve the program a lot.

- Raman spectra in some symmetries (like Ci, C3) had partially wrong intensities

- M06-L functional was in some cases misinterpreted as M06 (without L)

- $embed keyword did not work with 'file=<name>' option, only content in the control file itself has been dealt with correctly

- some special features of define failed to run and caused define to stop

All users who have Turbomole 7.0 can now login and download Turbomole 7.0.1 and TmoleX 4.1.1 from our (COSMOlogic) download server.


Your Turbomole Support Team

Important Note: Release notes and bug fixes are first announced in the Turbomole mailing list ([tmuser-l]). If you want to be informed as early as possible about such news, please contact the support team and ask to be added to the mailing list.